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Product Description

Natural Hair Regrowth Essence Treatment by Pure Keratin: An intensive treatment reactional hair regrowth in 0.7 Fl o.z. (20g) bottle format.

The combination of Ginseng Essence and Old Ginger Extract in this Natural Hair Regrowth Essence contains powerful effect on promoting hair growth. This classic combination can promote blood circulation of scalp to stimulate follicles, making hair grow healthily and preventing hair loss. Through deeply nourishing scalp, hair will become stronger and thicker, and boost more shine on hair.

Created from plants and essential oils, this formula stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, promoting a strong, resistant and healthy hairline.

It has a fast action, since its results are visible only 4 weeks after its first application.

10 Hair Loss Symptoms

  1. You’re losing your hair in an atypical pattern.
  2. You are losing hair rapidly or at an early age (for example, teens or twenties).
  3. The skin on your scalp under the involved area is red, scaly, or otherwise abnormal.
  4. You have bald spots on your beard or eyebrows.
  5. You have been gaining weight or have muscle weakness, intolerance to cold temperatures or fatigue.
  6. Sudden loss of patches of hair otherwise known as alopecia areata for young adults. It is when the immune system attacks the hair follicles which results in visible patches – this is why it is advisable to use hair growth vitamins.
  7. Telogen effluvium or the excessive shredding of hair, after illness, drug treatment, stress or anemia.
  8. Another hair loss symptom that shows distinct pattern is compulsively pulling of the hair. If you tend to hurt your scalp where the hair is located, then you are most probably going to experience hair loss.
  9. You’re pregnant: you also have a hard time growing your hair due to the increased estrogen in your body.
  10. Postpartum Hair Loss : after giving birth, you are prone to what we call post-partum hair loss. That is why most doctors prescribe you with the best vitamin for hair growth (Read: 8 VITAMINS FOR HAIR LOSS) after seeing hair loss symptoms.



STEP #1 Mix 10 drops (3ml) of hair growth essential oil formula with 100 ml of your daily Shampoo (not included).

STEP #2 Wash your hair with the mixing. Massage to evenly distribute the product from root to tip.

STEP #3 Rinse thoroughly. You're all set! Repeat on next day.

WE RECOMMEND: You can use this product by it own but we suggest you to combine it with Anti-Hair Loss Spray and Thickening hair shampoo.


PRECAUTIONS: Avoid contact with the eyes (Essential Oil can be dilutated with your daily shampoo). In case of contact, rinse thoroughly.


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  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Carmen B. (USA - Los Angeles, California) on 31st Jul 2022

    It is the best I have tried, the result is immediate after a week my hair stopped falling out and it feels stronger. It will definitely be a product that I will always have to strengthen my hair. Thank you.

  • 5
    It worths the price

    Posted by Rose D. (Norway - Holmestrand) on 5th Jun 2022

    I have been using it for months as it is great for reducing frizz. Leaves hair very soft and shiny and with a very pleasant smell. A little pricey but the value for money is worth it.

  • 5
    The best hair essence on the market

    Posted by Candance E. (Canada - Huntingdon, Quebec) on 5th Jun 2022

    I love this product. I have long and fine hair. My sister recommended this product to me and it is very good, it leaves my hair soft, hydrated, shiny and it also smells super good. Of all the oils I have tried, it is the only one I would recommend, especially if you have long hair, to keep the ends hydrated.

  • 5
    I love it!

    Posted by Felicitas P. (Canada - North York, Ontario) on 21st Apr 2022

    I was looking for hair growth because I have long fine hair and blonde highlights, so the hair never goes beyond one length, because it hurts and cuts and I never want to cut it hehe. I got carried away by the comments and they are not wrong at all. I have put it in my shampoos as it says (it is true that it spreads a lot) and in two washes my hair does not look like my hair, it is super strong, shiny, and the ends seem healed overnight.

  • 5
    Super happy!

    Posted by Helena O. (Canada - Saint-Hubert, Quebec) on 19th Apr 2022

    Due to hormonal issues, I was losing hair and density. Since I've been using it I've had it perfect again and it's grown a lot. I hardly lose hair when washing it.

  • 4
    It helps with alopecia

    Posted by Hendy S. (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) on 21st Nov 2021

    The truth is that I am happy with the result there is more capillary density, the hair falls much less depending on the time and I have to say that since it went well I recommended them to 4 people who are also very happy ... among them my mother and my brother-in-law who has alopecia.

  • 5
    It works

    Posted by Cindy D. (USA - New York) on 19th Nov 2021

    I have suffered from hair breakage and lack of it in some areas for some time. I have to say that I have the feeling that my hair grows stronger since a few days after the start of the treatment. I will order these product again without a doubt.

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Sharon T. (Australia - Mayfield, New South Wales) on 19th Nov 2021

    My opinion is that it works! I had a greater loss than normal due to stress and also my hair, very crushed by highlights and straightened, did not grow because it was splitting. Now my hair is shiny and getting my density back. He had some bald spots! And this has disappeared. The hair grows a lot and with an incredible shine.

  • 5
    Good hair growth and strengthening essence

    Posted by Joan S. (Norway - Hobøl, Indre Østfold) on 29th Oct 2021

    The best thing about the essence is that it is quickly absorbed so you can apply it to the hair at any time that it will not be noticeable because it does not make the hair greasy or leave residue.
    Nor will you notice any shine or strange odors that give away the use of the product.
    In totally natural, you should not fear harmful reactions such as those that tend to cause hair strengthening products with certain chemical compounds.
    For me, who does not like to take pills and I prefer topical treatments, this essence is a magnificent option to enhance hair growth and strengthen it, especially in times of change of time when my hair is more brittle and weak.

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