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Here are a few tips on how to get thicker hair to help those of you who feel your hair is too thin. Whether you wear your hair short, long, or somewhere in between most people want their hair to be thick and full and look healthy. While some people are blessed with thick hair, others need to work at it.

1) Remove the Residue.

The first tip on how to get thicker hair is to remove the residue from your hair. Shampoos, hair sprays and even conditioners leave behind residue that overtime can build up and flatten your hair shafts making your hair look much thinner than it actually is.

By changing your shampoo every so often and rinsing with lemon juice you can remove the residue from your hair and make it look and feel thicker.

2) Consider your diet.

Another tip on how to get thicker hair is to take a look at your diet. When your body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals your hair is often the first to suffer from this lack. In order to have thick healthy hair your diet should include plenty of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and biotin.

Eating foods rich in these three ingredients will help you have thicker hair. Many people find that fish oil supplements really help add omega-3 fatty acids to their diet and results in healthier hair.

3) Scalp Massage.

The next tip for how to have thicker hair is through scalp massage. Scalp massage stimulates blood circulation which helps to facilitate hair growth. This is not only a great way to learn how to get thicker hair but, makes you feel pampered as well.

4) Products That Add Volume to Your Hair.

One way to get thicker hair at least temporarily is by using products that add volume to your hair. These products thicken each strand of hair so that the overall effect is thicker looking hair. There are all kinds of products out there from shampoos to conditioners, to mousses that will give your hair lift and volume.

5) Go Curly!

While this really isn’t a tip on how to get thicker hair, it is a tip on how to make the hair you have look thicker. The right kind of cut and then curling your hair can make it look exceptionally thick. If your hair isn’t too thin then having it slightly layered so that the curls are at various levels can make your hair look double its thickness. Those loose curls add more thickness than those tight curls do so ask your hairdresser what curly style will make your hair look thicker.

6) Blow Drying.

Believe it or not blowing drying your hair is a quick and effective method of how to get thicker hair. Using a slightly warm hair dryer will open up your hair and fluff it out giving you the option to create hairstyles for thick hair. Along with these tips for how to get thicker hair make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. What is good for your body is also the best way of how to get thicker hair as well.

Hair Styles For Thick Hair

While many women spend their time worrying about how to get thick hair, many of those who have thick hair spend their time worrying how to tame those locks and find some really great hairstyles for thick hair.

The good news is that hairstylists these days can create some fantastic hairstyles for thick hair and there are some that you can create on your own simply and easily.

Here are just a few types of hairstyles that look terrific on woman with thicker tresses.

• Short Hair Styles for Thick Hair

Not everyone who has thick hair wants to wear their hair long. Some women like shorter hairstyles as they are generally cooler and more comfortable and easy to care for. A couple of short hairstyles for thick hair are the pixie and the layered bob.

Any woman who has thick hair can never go wrong when she decides to choose any one of the various types of short hairstyles for thick hair available. Normally, this type of hair has several challenges when it comes to styling for instance too much weight, bulk and unmanageable patterns.

However, the advantage is that one is able to have a sexy look by choosing a cropped or pixie hairstyle and is great for those with small faces. Pixie hairstyles can then be clipped as close to the head as possible to give an attractive look. However, if your hair is naturally curly, then go for a retro short hairstyle. This is a short bob having curled waves and one can easily make the hairstyle by just using some hairspray and fingers.

If your hair is thick and not curly, then a short shag haircut is a good one. When properly done, it helps to remove the extra bulk and offer a height of straight and thick hair. When shag is colored to be more visible, it provides a playful and sexy look, gives bounce and volume to the thick hair and is ideal for both evening and day wear.

Short haircuts for thick hair can either be shag, pixie or wedge. Pixie haircut is suitable for those with small faces and can be done to reach close to the head to bring out an attractive look. Shag haircut can be an easy style especially for those people with less hair texture. For those with many straight stresses, a separately done shag haircut can help to reduce the bulkiness and add some height.

A wedge haircut is short on the neck and graduates to an increasingly long length having layers or a single length on the upper side. If additional height is needed, then adding some layers on the upper side is great in order to bring out a well balanced haircut as well as an attractive look.

Normally, hairstyles for thick hair usually depend on the shape of the face and sometimes the texture of the hair. For a person with a square shaped face, sexy and coax soft textured layers on the face can be a good style to soften one’s strong features. To make the hairstyle, layer the fringe all through in order to make it thin out and make a long fringe that reaches the eyebrows and ensure it has well layered sideways.

A person with an oval shaped face, can either style the hair to make a short sexy fringe or a fringe that is blunt and long. For those people having heart shaped faces, a shorter and wispy fringe though not very striking will make one to look gorgeous or one can go for a dramatic blunt fringe.

Other short hairstyles for thick hair that can bring out a sexy and attractive look includes the wavy curls hairstyle, blond hair shoulder style, intellectual hairstyle, sharp hairstyle, short blonde hairstyle, frolics hairstyle, short punkish hairstyle, redhead thick hairstyle, and crop blonde hairstyle among others.

• Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair

There are a host of hairstyles for thick hair that is medium length. In fact, most hairstyles that are suitable for long thick hair also work well on medium length hair as well.

Some great hairstyles for medium length thick hair are:

Layered cuts : Layer cuts reduce the thickness of the hair leaving it looking full but not too puffy. These styles are extremely popular because they are easier to care for and look great for any occasion. Loose curls also look great on women with medium length thick hair and when combined with a layered hair cut can looked elegant and sexy.

French braids are also suitable as hairstyles for thick hair of medium length as thicker hair really shows the intricacy of these braids to perfections. Messy buns and a variety of different styles of pony tails also look great on that medium length hair.

• Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

While it may not seem like it, long thick hair lends itself to a wide variety of beautiful and simple hair styles. Fishtail and French braids both look elegant and stunning when worn by a woman with long thick hair. Layered cuts, a variety of curly hairstyles, and a mass array of different pony tails all make excellent hairstyles for thick hair when the hair is long and luxurious.

You can also get away with wearing a small mini bun at the back of your head and leaving the rest of your hair hang down as well as simply pulling your hair to one side and wearing a bun just under your ear.

There are so many hairstyles for thick hair the problem is not finding one but, choosing which one is right for you.