PURE KERATIN on 28th Oct 2022

This is a quick guide on how to grow black hair longer and thicker. African American women can have healthy hair whether transitioning, relaxed or natural.

We will discuss hair growth, protective styles natural hair care products and much more!

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Black Hair Growth

Let's take a moment to dispel the black hair growth myth.

Black hair grows no matter what you do to it. It grows just like so called "white hair" and both are classified as "human hair". So why is black hair in a category of it's own?

Here's the evidence that you need to understand why this is hard for some people to understand that black hair grows.

The Evidence

Clear your mind and think for a minute.

How often do you get a touch up? Relaxers and hair dye touch ups are usually applied to new growth, right? And hair grows from the scalp and not the ends so this new growth, must be a sign that black hair grows!

The problem lies within our ability to retain length. The length of our hair depends on how well we take care of our hair ends. This is crucial for any hair care regimen, black, white or otherwise. Not convinced? Well let's put it another way.

Take a picture and measure your hair. Do the same thing next month without trimming or dusting in between. Your measuring tape should measure 1/2 inch of new hair growth.

Now just imagine if you gained and retained 1/2 inch of hair every month. Your hair would be longer do to your ability to retain those hair ends. So just how do you retain length?

Protect Your Hair

Protect, protect, protect! We can't say this enough. Protecting your hair with styling is just one way of growing your hair.

Let's take it a step further. Do you cover your precious strands at night while you sleep? What kind of products are you using and what are the ingredients? What about the tools and accessories that you use? Are they safe for your hair?

The answers to these questions are the starting point to longer and thicker hair.


Throw out all of the products that you spent money on but never use.

Grab a cute little basket and begin to collect all your hair care "keepers" making sure to store them in a area that is close to your bed. This way even when you are dead tired you can reach for your moisturizer and satin bonnet before you get some shut eye.

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Toss out all of those hair accessories that tear, rip, and break your hair. Replace them with ouch less and metal free accessories. Update all hair tools to ion, ceramic or tourmaline. These updated hair appliances are especially made with your hair's moisture retention in mind.

Invest In Your Hair

If you're interested in caring for your hair at home then you need to be equipped similar to a hair salon. Take all of your new tools, products and accessories and begin to organize them. Set up a hair care station equipped with a comfy chair and mirror. Purchase a hooded dryer, or a heating cap, for rollers sets and deep penetrating treatments. Create a regimen and begin to journal all of your trial and errors.

Speaking of Journal

Take pictures, jot down improvements and goals. Make note of the changes in your hair whether good or bad. This is a crucial step in building confidence in maintaining your hair at home.

Even hairstylist do this. A card is kept on each client detailing each visit. You should do the same, after all you are the one in charge of your hair not your stylist. She is only there to assist you in achieving your goals.


If you've ever been plagued with hair issues such as shedding, breakage or split ends the treatment is usually just a change of products or regimen.

Let’s take a look at some of the causes behind these common hair issues while addressing how to treat them in order to gain longer and thicker hair.

a) Hair Breakage

From time to time we receive an email, simply stating “ Help! My hair is breaking and it won’t stop!”

Well the first thing that we always say is "calm down!" We know that our hair is very important to us as women but how we perceive our hair is of greater importance. If you begin to think that you have difficult hair you may find it hard to believe that anything can be done to cure your hair issues.

The most common cause of hair breakage is dryness. When anything is dry it has the tendency to become weak.

Think about how your skin feels and looks when it’s dry. Skin can crack and bleed. Hair is no different. Using a good natural moisturizer and oil will benefit your hair in two ways. It deeply penetrates the air shaft and also helps to soften and smooth the cuticle.

Deep conditioning is equally important. Remember if your hair is chemically altered (hair relaxers and dyes) make sure to deep condition weekly!

Another common cause behind hair breakage are hair tools. Using metal free elastics and satin or silk hair accessories will help prevent breakage. These items may cost a little more but it’s a great hair care investment.

Get rid of small tooth combs and hard bristle brushes too. Replace these with wide tooth combs and plastic covered bristle brushes instead. Goodie brand has a wide variety of hair accessories that not only look good but also is built to protect our precious strands.

b) Shedding

Shedding can be a tricky one. There are many biological and regimen factors that can cause shedding. A few of them are hormonal, medications, hair products, scalp conditions, poor diet, and stress.

Basically, you have to use process of elimination when it comes to shedding. A good rule of thumb is too assess your health with a professional health care provider. It could be as simple as an adjustment to medication or some form of scalp treatment for a fungus, another common aliment that causes shedding and hair loss.

Also, hair sheds as apart of our natural hair cycle, so seeking one on one help from a cosmetologist or dermatologist can quickly rule out the many causes of hair shedding.

c) Split Ends

In order to repair and prevent split ends, you must pay special attention to hair ends.

Begin with a good trim or hair dusting. Once you have even and split free hair use a natural hair oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil to seal the moisture into your ends daily. Reduce the amount of heat that you apply to the hair shaft and ends. Opt for roller sets instead of flat irons and air dry instead of using a hand held dryer.

The less direct heat the better if you are trying to get longer and thicker hair. If you do choose to use heat be sure to apply a heat protectant first. Use protective styling, and as mentioned above deep condition hair often.

d) Last But Not Least, Grow Baby, Grow!

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. A healthy body grows healthy hair! Take advantage of this time to reconnect with your entire body inside and out and in the process you'll be gaining longer and stronger hair.