AUQUEST on 18th Dec 2021

Taking care of your facial skin is not only a way to keep your skin healthy over time, but it's also a way to reduce aging effects. As long as you are young, aging is not your own problem so it's pretty normal if you don't do anything particular to have a perfect face skin… your face skin is actually young by nature!

But as time passes by and you get to a different age, let's say 35 or 40, you begin to reconsider the way your facial skin actually looks like. You begin to wish you looked younger and probably you may want to try an anti-aging facial product – there are a lot of beauty care products for facial skin.

Get Ready To Take Action For Your Skin's Sake!

However, you may not be satisfied in full, yet – that's because you are probably looking for a better alternative solution that gives you that natural touch of youth that your skin is coming to lose. You are lucky because today you can learn not only old granny tips that you might not know, but you can also learn special skincare secrets from oriental cultures. For example, Asiatic women have a variety of beauty secrets that may vary from place to place.

So if you are struggling with beauty care for your face skin, here are what we've found out for you:

1. Wash your face before going to sleep

It's an excellent way to remove any excess of oil and dirt.

2. Sleep enough

Sometimes you might go out in the evening and get back home too late, which causes insufficient sleep. During the time we sleep our skin generates elastin which is a sort of natural anti-aging substance that our skin needs to look fresh and young.

3. Don't drink coffee

Coffee is one of the most diffused yet unknown enemies of your face skin. The caffeine in your cup of coffee dehydrates your skin, which causes the appearance of fine lines.

4. Don't smoke

Smoke is another horrible factor that can alternate the natural equilibrium of your skin. Smoke accelerates skin aging effects, not only within your skin but also within other parts of the body. Same goes for alcohol, so avoid both for your skin's sake.

5. Take it easy

Stress is a relevant cause of skin aging. If you are in the middle of a complicated situation or if you got an emergency because you've just lost your car key, all you have to do is to take it easy and do one thing per time. No reason to go stressed out for sudden emergencies: keep in mind that there's always a good solution at your fingertips.

6. Exercise more often

When you practice sports or you do exercises at home, you actually allow your skin to regenerate better. The flux of liquids in your body has a better circulation which has its positive impact on the way your skin looks like. Exercises help your skin eliminate died cells, as well.

7. Meals and food

Our fast-food chains offer a variety of junk food that you'd better avoid. Instead of a quick unhealthy meal, choose fresh fruits, rice, fish and cheese. Keep in mind that you shouldn't skip meals: your skin needs hydration. Food and beverages give your body the right level of hydration.

8. Water drinking

Maybe drinking water is a little boring as water doesn't have any flavor, but the fact is that too sugary beverages can only accelerate your skin aging. Water gives you liquids, hydration, small percentages of minerals without the negative effects of sugar or coloring agents. Sugar breaks down collagen and elastin through glycation. You can understand that beverages like Coke or other carbonated drinks should be avoided as often as you can.

9. Don't touch your skin

Some people use to touch or pick at their facial skin. That's completely wrong as it brings irritation to your facial skin as well as it transfers bacteria from your hands or fingertips onto your face, eyes, and mouth.

10. Don't pop zits

If you woke up with an ugly zip, keep yourself from popping it. You can actually cause pore enlargement and diffusion of bacteria onto other pores. Moreover, by popping a zip you will also cause a little blooding which will give your skin a really bad look.

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In conclusion, avoid using too much makeup, just a light layer will be enough, and choose cream make up rather than powder so to have better hydration and protection from external agents like wind, sun or cold weather.