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Cordless Hair Curler Automatic Curling Iron - Ceramic Rotating Hair Curler with 6 Temperatures and Timer Settings, Rechargeable Portable Hair Curling Iron Wand for Curls or Waves Anytime, Anywhere:



★Automatic Curling: This latest cordless curling iron creates glamorous curls easily at the touch of a button! Automatic rotating barrel creates curls effortlessly in seconds. No Skill Required. Say goodbye to the messy and tangled cable design. Never pull or tangle your hair!

★Safe to Use & Auto Shut Off: Compare with traditional curling iron or curling wand, Our cordless auto curler is built with a smart sensor chip, which will suspend the curler to prevent the hair from being tangled and pulled if the hair is placed too much or work incorrectly. Don't worry about stucking or damaging hair. And it will shut off auto after 10 minutes if left on and idle, to preserve battery life.

★Innovative Healthy Styling: The heater of auto hair curler is infused with Nano Silver, Ceramic coating & Tourmaline. Those great elements do benefit the hairs by locking in natural moisture and transforming frizzy, leaves hair more shiny,sleek and healthy, anti-static.


★6 Temperature Settings &11 Timers Settings: The digital temperature display offers easily adjustable temperature settings from 300℉ to 390℉ (150C° to 200C°) for each hair texture (Low temp for fragile Hair, higher temp for coarse hair) , and it has 6 timer settings (8-18 seconds), you can customize your look and choose between loose, medium, or tight curls. You’re in control!

★USB Rechargeable & Lifetime Service: Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery will up to 60-minutes cord-free run time. Run time will vary based on heat and timer settings selected as well as hair type. Compact Size is perfect for travel! Buy with utmost confidence. If for any reason you aren’t happy, simply contact us for a satisfied solution.



Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Battery voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity watt hour: 9.25Wh

Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Charging time: 3.5hours

Using time: continuous using time of about 40 minutes

Temperature selector: 6(150℃ 160℃ 170℃ 180℃ 190℃ 200℃

USB cable length: 58±5cm

Item size: 19x5.6x4.9cm


Package Content: 

1 x Curling Iron Device (Color & Comb/clip add-on depending on the model)

1 x USB cable

1 x Storage bag

1 x User's Manual


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  • 5
    The best tool to ever touch my thin hair!

    Posted by Ellen H. (Israël - Tel Aviv, תל אביב) on 2nd Jan 2021

    I have spent hundreds of dollars on several "cheap" non-salon hair products for perfect curls, and hair-cuts to achieve beautiful curly hair. After receiving my last hair cut at a top salon, I was unable to fix my hair as well as my stylist-and all she did was run a professional curling through my hair. At this point, I was fed up with paying for stylish haircuts and not being able to utilize my new style. So, I researched the internet for professional curling iron hair and ordered this product. WOW! It is wonderful, I actually just used it because it arrived today. Ladies-listen up: Don't be hesitant about paying the price for the tool. The product works great and is well worth it!

  • 5

    Posted by Gally R. (Israël - Tel Aviv) on 1st Jan 2021

    This device is the best! I have long hair up to my waist. It curl my hair effortlessly! The Curls lasted all night, until the next day. I always have problems holding a curl. But this device worked perfect! Highly recommend. I added a video of my curls.

  • 5
    Wireless and compact hair curler for on the go!

    Posted by Merry P. (Switzerland - Zurich) on 1st Jan 2021

    My friend told me about this curling iron and I am quite impressed. I have tried several hair tools to curl my hair such as using regular curling irons, clampless curling wands and even flat irons. What makes this stand out from the rest is the fact that it feeds your hair in automatically and curls it and the best feature is it being WIRELESS! You don’t have to worry about a cord getting away and you can easily pack this in your bag and is perfect for travel.

    You can conveniently take this with you and use it on the go without needing an electrical outlet, as long as it’s charged. This hair tool is rechargeable via micro USB cable that’s included. When charging, the battery indicator on the LCD display will flash and will stop flashing when fully charged. Please note the LCD display will flash three (3) times and the curler will automatically turn off when the battery is low. As a tip, do not use the curler while it’s charging or else it will shorten the battery life.

    I have to admit, this took some getting used to but once you know how to operate, it’s pretty easy to use. I didn’t realize that I had to keep holding down the large button until I heard the beeping sound to indicate that the curl is set, and then I could release the button. I just pressed the button to curl my hair and let go and thought it would heat up for the allotted time and was wondering why it didn’t seem to heat up or curl my hair. I thought I had a defective tool but it was operator error!

    This has six (6) temperature settings ranging from 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 Celsius) to 390F degrees (200 Celsius) and you can change to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. My only gripe is that this seems to take a long time to heat up initially compared to my regular curling iron. On the flip side, you can choose the time setting from 8 seconds to 18 seconds depending on what type of curl you want. 16-18 seconds is for tight curls, 12-15 seconds is for looser curls and 8-11 seconds is for beach waves which is my favorite setting since I prefer loose waves. Because my hair is short/medium length, the curls seem to come out pretty curly even at 8 seconds but I just run my hands through the curls to break them apart. As an added bonus, this comes with a tool to measure how much hair to curl at one time so that you don’t have too much hair and jam the curler, as well as a comb and two hair clips which is nice.

    This is a genius wireless hair curler and I love that I can easily change up my curls and hair style depending on my mood or occasion. This is lightweight and weighs a little over one (1) pound. The compact size is also a big plus because I can put this in my purse and take it with me on the go!

  • 5

    Posted by Heather E. on 1st Jan 2021

    Omg! I love this thing! It heats up really quick and is so easy to use!

  • 5
    This was so fabulous!!

    Posted by Trina L. (Australia - Melbourne, Victoria) on 1st Jan 2021

    This was so cool! I was so excited when I found this. I have been dying to have a wireless curling iron since I always have issues with the cord getting in the way while I'm curling my hair! I ended up ordering a second one for my 20 year old daughter. Her birthday is coming up and she curls her hair almost every week and she needs one that was good. I love this one so much so I thought she would love it too! It heats up incredibly fast and doesn't take up any room in my bathroom! I was so happy with the price since when I was looking at others they were SO expensive. Its ridiculous how expensive others were! So happy that I bought this for me and my daughter! Perfect gift for her birthday! Will probably order more for my other two daughters too!!

  • 4
    So easy and handy

    Posted by Vincent M. (France - Paris, 17ème) on 1st Jan 2021

    My daughter begged my wife for curling her hair. My wife was reluctant because she failed multiple times before with the curling iron. Luckily our friend told us about this handy auto curler, which is wireless, portable, and small. You only need to measure a string of hair with the provided tool, put it in the open slot, then push the button, it will roll up automatically. She chose higher temperature for fine soft hair which is hard to style. Thanks to the alarm function, we don't need to worry about overheating. You just release the button when you hear two beeps. It makes fabulous curls and my daughter is so happy and impressed. Beautiful curls can last for two days if my daughter does not wash her hair. It only takes a couple hours to charge up. Now her friends asked her about it and they want to get them too. It really makes curling hair an easy job to do.

  • 5
    Favorite hair curler! So easy to use

    Posted by Brandi H. (Canada - Montréal, Québec) on 1st Jan 2021

    Love the hair curler. It can’t be easier than this. Literally gather some hair, pull it down through the opening, hold the button down.... listen to the spinning. It stops spinning in order to gather the hair, then keeps it there to heat it up, beeps when finished, let go of the button, and WOW! Not hot to hold onto - no need for gloves. it comes with a storage bag and a couple of clips and a comb. Works on longer or shorter hair. Probably takes a similar time to a normal curling iron, but this one is more user-friendly. It doesn’t take very long to charge up. One charge will probably be good for one whole head of hair for curling, depending on how much hair you are curling and how long your hair is. Instructions show how to change your settings - I like the hottest and the longest time. After turning off, it resets to the original setting of Celsius and the coolest temperature, but it only takes a few seconds to get it back to your choices. Recommended!

  • 5

    Posted by Anna B. (USA - Miami, Florida) on 1st Jan 2021

    I ADORE this Cordless Automatic Hair Curler/Curling Iron from PURE KERATIN !!!
    From my pictures, you can see, my hair is generally quite straight... I can curl it, and it does have SOME WAVE... but not without coaxing...
    With this, I can get BEACHY WAVES, in 10 seconds a section !!!
    It’s SO EASY !!!
    And the NANO SILVER TOURMALINE CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY really helps keep my hair from becoming damaged.
    I don’t use this everyday, but when I want waves, I don’t worry about it so much.
    This is so much easier to deal with too... cordless means I can do it anywhere, in any room, or even in the car, if I’m a passenger....
    It’s freeing ....
    And also, the 6 temp settings are good too, because my hair, at least, responds differently to heat on different days... some days I can use less heat, other days I may have to use a little more.
    This is a terrific little curler ... every woman should have one ... it’s just a tremendous how it frees you up... you don’t have to stay attached to a wall outlet ...
    Get one of these ... you will LOVE IT !!!