Shampoo bars are usually organic and are full of non toxic, all natural ingredients. 

Because of this, these products are so much better for your hair and skin than the shampoos you will find lining the shelves of your local grocery, department store or salon.

There are many different shampoo bars to choose. There is a wide range of flavor and treatment choices as well as shampoo bars made specifically for certain hair and skin conditions and types.

Do you hair a favor and learn more about these amazing shampoo bars. Whether it be and herbal shampoo bar, a fragrant one or just one that is infused with natural moisturizers, give one a try.


Cost Efficient 

Travel Friendly 


Solid Shampoo is concentrated and last longer than commercial liquid shampoos Shampoo Bar can be easily carried in hand luggage without airportliquid restrictions

Our solid Shampoo Bar can be used in many ways including body wash and shaving cream

Natural Ingredients

Handcrafted Shampoo Bar

No Harmful Chemicals

All of our Shampoo bars and soaps are made with highest quality organic and natural oils

Shampoo Bars are handmade in small batches using traditional recipe Our products are free from SLS, Parabens, Silicones, and Harmful Chemicals



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12 of 12 Items